About Us

We are a family from midwest USA serving the Lord in missionary aviation. This blog chronicles our journey and our personal thoughts along the way.

Family Photo Oct 2015

Our Vision

We desire to use all our skills and abilities in the service of the kingdom of Jesus Christ. We have sensed the Lord’s calling to serve him as a missionary aviation family.

Why Mission Aviation?

Here is a video from New Tribes Mission Aviation (one of many missionary aviation organizations) describing why missionaries rely on airplanes in some parts of the world:

MMS Aviation

Currently, we are serving with MMS Aviation in Coshocton, OH. MMS is a small missionary organization that makes its purpose to prepare people and planes for worldwide missionary service. We serve other missionary organizations by providing aircraft maintenance free of labor charge (all the mechanics are faith-supported missionaries). We prepare people for missionary service by offering an apprenticeship program for aspiring missionary aviators. Brad is currently serving as and aircraft mechanic at MMS, repairing missionary airplanes from all over the world. Our plan is to serve two years in Coshocton with MMS Aviation. After the two years is up, we hope to move to North Carolina where Brad will fulfill the flight phase of the apprenticeship. After his flight training and field apprenticeship is complete, we will be placed with a final sending agency for field service. Click here to learn more about MMS Aviation.

Financial Support

The path God is opening for us requires us to live as faith-supported missionaries. That means that our living expenses are paid by churches and individuals whom God raises up to provide for our ministry. Visit our support page for more information.