Ouchies and Joy

Where to start? The last few weeks have been quite unique, but also fun. Let’s start with unique.

Boston, the brave

We have truly been blessed with healthy children and it’s a blessing that I cannot take for granted. However, the last two weeks have kind of turned the tables on us a bit. Boston fell against the edge of our coffee table and split his ear lobe. Literally, split it wide open. Not a life or death thing but the goriest thing I’ve ever dwelt with our children.

A week later, Lillia fell off our bed and landed on her shoulder. She was on the couch in pain most of the day. A visit to the chiropractor told us her collarbone wasn’t broken, but to keep ice on it. Almost a week later, she’s improving, but still doesn’t use her left arm much.

The fun. Last night we went to a farm party, hosted by a family from Crosspointe. (the church we attendĀ  here) It was such a fun time of fellowship and they had so many things for us to do. We watched them milk cows. They had baby goats, rabbits and chicks to pet. Tractors to ride. Games to play. Food to eat. People to chat with. Friends to enjoy. Lillia is at the age where she loves social interaction with other people and its so fun to watch her. We are blessed to have people to call family here.

Her favorite was the chicks

Snuggles for bunny

Pleased as punch

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  • Reply anita September 25, 2017 at 9:27 pm

    Shew I kept reading thinking that you was going to say that some other “ouchies” happened at the “farm party”! Glad to hear that all are on the mend!:) It is amazing how adaptable children can be, always a good lesson for us adults;)
    Keep enjoying His blessings (the little & the big)
    Love, Dean & Anita

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