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The month of October was packed for us. Let me briefly summarize: We celebrated our 8th anniversary and Brad’s birthday.  Brad spent 9 days in Washington for some training. We went to our home church’s annual communion. The following week we lost our first grandparent.

October of 2017 held a lot of joy, separation and also sadness. Such is the cycle of life. It’s a lot like the changing of the seasons. I personally don’t like winter, yet I look forward to it knowing that the long winter months breed togetherness. I look forward to earlier bedtimes and lots of snuggles on the couch with my children. Though I crave the warmth of summer and the freedom to run outside barefoot, unhindered by layers and layers of clothes, I am thankful for the change in seasons. If it were summer all the time, I would have to say, I would grow tired of it. Same with life; if I were always in the season of mountaintops or a season of ease, no doubt that too would become wearisome, not to mention stagnant. God knows best. He places each of us on a journey, a journey to draw us closer to Him and He knows exactly what we need to get us there. Joy, yes. Sadness, yes. Unconditional love, YES!

The last few weeks have been somewhat trying as a mother. As much as I love my children they have been rather trying lately. Some mornings are filled with episode after episode of fussing. Selfishness rages, screeching and whining commences. Little hands slap. You get the picture. It’s not a pretty scene. I’ve been challenged recently to look at my motherhood with a renewed vision and it’s scary to see the places where I’ve been lacking. There is a verse in Proverbs that has been helpful to me,

Commit your works to the Lord, and your thoughts will be established.

Proverbs 16:3


Proverbs along with Shepherding a Child’s Heart and a few other books that I’m trying to read all at once have really been insightful and encouraging as this journey continues. I know, despite the sweat of the moment, they really love each other and having each other is a huge blessing.


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    Love you and your sweet family! Keep on keeping on, we’re praying for you!!

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