I’m Gonna Sing

Meet the Coshocton Community Choir. Brad and I had the privilege to be a part of the choir for the spring concert. The choir’s motto is: To worship God through song, and to inspire others to undertake a similar service.

Photo Credit, Bart Hoblit

A lot of the singers have been a part of the choir for 5-20 years, so we felt very overwhelmed and lost at the first rehearsal. Charles Snyder has been overseeing the choir since 1971 and was so very encouraging and inspiring to us newbies.

Photo Credit, Coshocton Beacon Today

When Brad first suggested we join the choir for a season, I was very nervous. To join means an audition which means singing alone in front people. I had this scary thing in my mind of what an audition would be like, it wasn’t as bad as that, still it stretched me. We had rehearsals every Sunday evening for almost 4 months, and went from being totally overwhelmed to being quite fond of the songs. Mr. Snyder had picked out an assortment of songs, spirituals, hymns, and also some classics like Brahms and Tchaikovsky.

Photo Credit, Coshocton Beacon Today

Stepping into the choir was such a treat for us, we were surrounded by some truly professional and gifted people. I couldn’t help but praise the Lord for such an opportunity. Here we were in the middle of Coshocton praising the Lord boldly, and worshiping GOD the Creator of the world with our voices.

Photo Credit, Coshocton Beacon Today


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