Burlington, North Carolina

The guesthouse -Burlington NC

Most of you probably know that we went to visit Missionary Air Group (MAG) awhile back. They are located in Burlington, North Carolina. Our time spent in NC will focus on the pilot side of the training along with some mechanical work to stay up to snuff. MMS has partnered with them in an effort to get fully qualified mechanic/pilot missionaries on the field as soon as possible. Their goal is to send us out fully prepared to meet the standards of any organization in skill, experience, qualifications, and also spiritually. One thing they mentioned several times, is being spiritually strong when we go out will have a huge impact on how long we stay on the field. Some missionaries go out with great gusto only to fall apart a year or two down the road from pressures and warfare. I’m certainly not saying we are going to be ‘Super Christians,’ superior to all when the time comes to move on, but it’s something worth striving for. Not in the sense of being greater than everyone else, God forbid, I’m talking about in the sense of which we strive to live out our lives and draw close to Christ with every fiber of our core because we LOVE HIM! That’s what I want to press towards, and I have a feeling that you do too!

We spent 4 days in Burlington. We drove down on a Monday and 8 hours later arrived at a very cozy little guest house. The next several days involved Brad doing some written tests, a flight test and getting acquainted with the hangar and standard procedures. We were on schedule to have a meal each evening with a different family from MAG but nearly every family had been affected by sickness. I’m pretty sure we wore out our welcome after spending three evenings in a row with the one family who wasn’t sick. They were great hosts and gave up a good chunk of their week to welcome us. They went above and beyond their duty. We were blessed!

Brad taking a written test.

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    May God bless your future as you lean on Him for your direction.
    – Dad

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